Our Lady Of Medjugorje

Messages From 1983

January 1, 1983 (Holy Mary, Mother of God)

Concerning Our Lady's appearances to Mirjana: "After Christmas, I am no longer appearing to her for the present."

January 5, 1983

Ivan, Jakov, Marija, and Vicka relate the following information to Father Tomislav: Marija has received seven secrets; Vicka has received eight; Jakov, Ivanka, and Ivan have received nine; and Mirjana has received all ten. As to how long the apparitions will last or why Our Lady no longer appears to Mirjana after Christmas, we do not know. Our Lady constantly invites us to prayer, fasting, and conversion and she confirms her promises.

Regarding the time of the sign, it's month and year, Ivan says: "It is forecasted."

January 7, 1983

The visionaries are invited to record Our Lady's testimony as She begins to tell them her life; but, until they receive Her authorization, they will not be able to make this information public. Jakov will receive information until April; Ivanka until May 22; Marija until July 17; and for Vicka, this transmission lasted until April 10, 1985 and filled three notebooks.

January 10, 1983

Mirjana shared with Father Tomislav Vlasic that during the year and a half that she had been receiving apparitions, she had experienced the maternal love and intimacy of Our Lady and questioned Her why God could so "Mercilessly" send sinners to Hell forever. "Men who go to Hell no longer want to receive any benefit from God. They do not repent nor do they cease to revolt and to blaspheme. they make up their mind to live in Hell and do not contemplate leaving it."

Regarding Purgatory: "In Purgatory there are different levels; the lowest is close to Hell and the highest gradually draws near to Heaven. It is not on All Souls Day, but at Christmas, that the greatest number of souls leave Purgatory. There are in Purgatory, souls who pray ardently to God, but for whom no relative or friend prays on earth. God makes them benefit from the prayers of other people. It happens that God permits them to manifest themselves in different ways, close to their relatives on earth, in order to remind men of the existence of Purgatory and to solicit their prayers to come close to God who is just, but good. The majority of people go to Purgatory. Many go to Hell. A small number go directly to Heaven."

January 12, 1983

There were present a U.S. television crew that was filming the events in MedJugorje. Fr. John Bertolucci was the narrator. The name of the television program was "The Glory of God". Concerned about the police and the oppression still going on at that time, they were worried about getting the film out of the country. They were delighted and at the same time assured because Our Lady cleverly used their title in Her answer. "There will be some difficulties, but it will be for the glory of God."

April 21, 1983

To the visionaries especially Jakov concerning behavior during Mass and around others: "You must behave well; be pious and set a good example for the faithful."

April 24, 1983

Message for an Italian doctor: "I bless him just as [I bless] those who work with him at the hospital in Milan, for everything they are doing. Have them continue, and pray. I bless the sick of this hospital, just as the sick for whom you have prayed this evening, and those for whom you will pray."

June 1, 1983

"Dear children! I hoped that the world would begin to be converted on its own. Do now everything that you can so that the world can be converted."

June 2, 1983

"Read what has been written about Jesus. Meditate on it and convey it to others."

June 3, 1983

Concerning Father Tomislav Vlasic's attempt to form a prayer group, has it begun well? "Yes, it is good. Have him continue."

What should be done so that the authorities will not send away the priests of the parish who work with faith and love? "Pray and fast for this intention. I will tell you when the moment comes what you must do."

Should Father Tomislav ask the parish to fast and pray in hopes that the Church will recognize the supernatural events taking place in Medjugorje? "Yes it is a good way. Have the parish pray for this gift. Have them pray also for the gift of the Holy Spirit so that all those who come here will feel the presence of God."

June 12, 1983

Concerning whether the priests should start new work around the church or ask permission from the authorities: "Do not begin the work until receiving permission from the authorities. Otherwise, someone will inform the latter and the works would be forbidden. Go, and kindly request the authorization. It will be given to you."

June 14, 1983

Concerning what the priests should preach during the ten anniversary days of the first apparition: "Have them do what they think is best. It would be good to remind the faithful of the events which have been happening here in relation to my coming. Have them remind the faithful of the reasons for my coming here."

Spring 1983

"Hasten your conversion. Do not await the sign which has been announced for those who do not believe; it will be too late. You who believe, be converted and deepen your faith."

June 24, 1983

"The sign will come, you must not worry about it. The only thing that I would want to tell you is to be converted. Make that known to all my children as quickly as possible. No pain, no suffering is too great for me in order to save you. I will pray to my Son not to punish the world; but I plead with you, be converted.

You cannot imagine what is going to happen nor what the Eternal Father will send to earth. That is why you must be converted! Renounce everything. Do penance. Express my thanks to all my children who have prayed and fasted. I carry all this to my Divine Son in order to obtain an alleviation of His justice against the sins of mankind.

I thank the people who have prayed and fasted. Persevere and help me to convert the world."

June 26, 1983

"Love your enemies. Pray for them and bless them."

July 1, 1983

"I thank all those who have responded to my call. I bless all of you. I bless each of you. In these days, I ask you to pray for my intentions."

July 1983

Regarding the problem with Bishop Zanic and the parish apparitions: "Fast two days a week for the intentions of the Bishop, who bears a heavy responsibility. If there is a need to, I will ask for a third day. Pray each day for the Bishop."

July 26, 1983

"Dear Children, today I would like to invite you to constant prayer and penance. Particularly, have the young people of the parish become more active in their prayer."

August 6, 1983

Jakov questions Our Lady concerning orders from the Bishop to have Father Pervan, the parish priest, stop the visionaries from saying the Rosary and The Lord's Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be the customary seven times at the beginning of prayer: "If it is so, then do not go against it so as not to provoke any quarrels. If it is possible, talk about it tomorrow among yourselves. All of you come to an agreement beforehand."

August 12, 1983

"Pray more for your spiritual life. Do your utmost in this sense. Pray for your Bishop."

August 23, 1983

Concerning Canadian priest, Father Emilien Tardif: "Have him announce my messages to the whole world. Let Jesus, only Jesus, be at the center of his efforts."

August 25, 1983

Concerning the arrest and expulsion of Father Tardif, Father Raucourt, and Dr. Phillippe Madre by the Yugoslavian authorities: "Do not worry for them. Everything is in God's plan."

August 29, 1983

Concerning a group of young people before they leave for their pilgrimage to Siroki Brijeg at a youth festival: "I wish that you pray throughout your trip, and that you glorify God. There, you will be able to meet other young people. Convey the messages which I have given you. Do not hesitate to speak to them about it. Some begin to pray and to fast just as they have been told, but they get tired very quickly, and thus loose the graces which they have acquired."

September 5, 1983

Concerning Jakov's mother who died: "Your mother is with me in Heaven."

September 12, 1983

"Pray. When I give you this message, do not be content to just listen to it. Increase your prayer and see how it makes you happy. All graces are at your disposal. All you have to do is to gain them. In order to do that, I tell you - Pray!."

September 26, 1983

"My Son suffers very much because the world is not converting. May the world be converted and make peace."

October 15, 1983

"My Son suffers very much because men do not want to be reconciled. They have not listened to me. Be converted, be reconciled."

October 21, 1983

"The important thing is to pray to the Holy Spirit so that He may descend on you. When one has Him, one has everything. People make a mistake when they turn only to the saints to request something."


"Begin by calling on the Holy Spirit each day. The most important thing is to pray to the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit descends on earth, then everything becomes clear and everything is transformed."

November 26, 1983

In answer to a question, Our Lady said: "Prayer and fasting."

November 30, 1983

To Marija, given for a priest: "You must warn the Bishop very soon, and the Pope, with respect to the urgent and the great importance of the message for all mankind. I have already said many times that the peace of the world is in a state of crisis. Become brothers among yourselves; increase prayer and fasting in order to be saved."

December 26, 1983

To Ivan regarding a question asked by Father Laurentin: "Our Lady prays for that. May he who undertakes it, do it in prayer. It is there that he will find his inspiration."


"I know that many will not believe you, and that many who have an impassioned faith will cool off. You remain firm, and motivate people to instant prayer, penance, and conversion. At the end, you will be happier."

To the visionaries: "When you suffer difficulties, and need something, come to me."

Regarding cures: "I cannot cure. God alone cures. Pray! I will pray with you. Believe firmly. Fast, do penance. I will help you as long as it is in my power to do it. God comes to help everyone. I am not God. I need your sacrifices and your prayers to help me."

Regarding faith: "Faith cannot be alive without prayer."

Regarding the Mass: "The Mass is the greatest prayer of God. You will never be able to understand its greatness. That is why you must be perfect and humble at Mass, and you should prepare yourselves there."

To a priest who asks if it is preferable to pray to Our Lady or to Jesus: "I beseech you, Pray to Jesus! I am His Mother, and I intercede for you with Him. But all prayers go to Jesus. I will help, but everything does not depend solely on me, but also your strength, and the strength of those who pray."

Regarding souls in Purgatory: "These persons wait for your prayers and your sacrifices."

Other topics:

"The most beautiful prayer is the Creed."

"The most beautiful thing is to believe."

"All prayers are good, if they are said with faith."

"My Son wants to win all souls to Him, the Devil strives to obtain something. The Devil makes a great effort to infiltrate among you, at all costs."

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